War In Syria

After a year and a half of intense efforts, I could enter Syria. Photography In the situations of war and security is a difficult task. Especially when even ordinary citizens have lost their trust in the media. I heard this phrase a lot: Take good pictures of our country. After Yemen, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and … this time it came to Syria, and the war in Syria was established. Killing the hundreds of thousands of people, exile of several million people, the destruction of economic infrastructure, destruction and plundering of historical backgrounds, children wounded and bereaved are outcomes of the war in Syria. Now, it is five years that the Christian, Sunni and Shia citizens have taken arms in Syria and fighting side by side for disposal of Isis and terrorists. It has always been a question for me that why all the wars begin in the name of democracy and never has to end? And who will benefit from the continuation of these wars

War In Iraq

Al-Bashir village comprises mostly Shiite Turkmen in the province of Kirkuk, Iraq. Pressure for an operation to retake the town had grown in March after ISIS launched a chemical attack from Al- Bashir on the nearby town of Taza that killed at least three children. Daesh is Common Enemy for all religions and people around the word. In Iraq, all communities Shias, Sunnis, Izadi Kurds, and Christians, are united to expel this “common enemy” from their land. The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (Al-Hashad Al-Shabi) freed this village during heavy clashes, after two years of occupation by Daesh (Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam, ISIS) elements. The population of Al-Bashir which is over ten thousand, is located in the path of the two large cities of Baghdad and Kirkuk in a strategic position. Al-Bashir is recaptured by pro-Iraqi government forces on 1 May 2016. In this operation about 200 people of Daesh were killed